Frequently Asked Questions

What causes asphalt failure?

Asphalt failure can be linked to any one or combination of the following:
• Excessive load or stress factors, i.e. heavy trucking or trash trucks
• Water erosion
• Inadequate thickness of asphalt or rock base
• Poor subgrade, bad/wet soil or improperly prepared subgrade

Should asphalt be replaced once cracking appears?

It depends on the type of cracks. Cracking can be caused by a number of factors, including ground movement or asphalt shrinking. When cracks are numerous and concentrated in one area or areas are pumping dirt from underneath, usually indicate asphalt failure. This kind of failed asphalt needs to be replaced.

What is asphalt made of?

Rock (crushed aggregate), Oil (liquid asphalt cement), and Sand, mixed at a tempature of 375 degrees. Asphalt can be made with different size rock and different grades of oil. All of which depends on how and why the asphalt will be used.

What is sealcoat?

Seal coat (Slurry Seal) is a oil product designed to prolong the life of asphalt and to increase the aesthetic look of the asphalt's surface. As asphalt ages, it becomes britttle, it is worn down through the process of weathering, "oxidation", and water/rain runoff. Seal coat will protect against these processes, filling gaps in the asphalt, and bringing back it's original black color.