Paving Service in Lawndale

Since the company’s start in 1992, Sanchez Bros. Paving has had the privilege of serving both other neighborhood businesses and our Lawndale neighbors. The Sanchez family founded our locally owned and run business with the utmost standards of craftsmanship, incredible customer service, A-to-Z paving, and above all, integrity. Whether your objectives are for a new construction job, a one-of-a-kind paving project, parking lot asphalt maintenance, or something entirely different, our Lawndale company is delighted to help you achieve them. We have established ourselves as the most reputable seal coating, striping, and asphalt paving company in the neighborhood over the past 30 years.

We are happy to work with various local and state public service offices and facilities, schools, aerospace businesses, mobile home parks, senior centers, churches, property management companies, and more, with a concentration on serving clients in the commercial and industrial markets. Our staff is made up of the friendliest, most dependable, qualified, and knowledgeable professionals in town, and our company is fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Because of our wide service offering, which includes demolition, asphalt installation, grading, line striping, and more, we are convinced that you’ll soon choose us as your new preferred local asphalt company.


Paving projects are typically time sensitive, and we realize that you have deadlines to meet. Your asphalt contractor will ensure that we adhere to or surpass any deadlines set for the completion of your project because we respect your schedule and goals. To a wide range of commercial clients, including churches, malls, apartment complexes, homeowners associations, car dealerships, shopping centers, restaurants, and beyond, our paving company is honored to have the opportunity to provide beginning-to-end, five-star asphalt paving services. We specialize in commercial, retail, and industrial parking lots – but where paving is concerned, the sky is truly the limit!


Making a strong, lasting first impression is crucial, as we all recognize. You can unintentionally be conveying to customers that you don’t care about your business if your parking lot is old and in terrible shape. Fresh striping can make all the difference if you have brand-new asphalt or if your previous striping has faded or worn off. Our asphalt service includes striping of all kinds, including parking lot markings, parking arrows, handicap parking spots (in accordance with ADA code), parking stall line striping, signage, wheel stops, and more. Our outstanding team can handle any project, no matter the size.

Asphalt Paving Services

If you notice cracks or other problems arising with your pavement, it could be time to think about replacing the asphalt. Asphalt deterioration can be caused by a variety of sources, including an inadequate asphalt or rock base, excessive stress or loads (like garbage trucks), water erosion, or an improperly prepared subgrade. Damaged asphalt will show multiple fractures or soil will emerge from beneath the asphalt’s surface. We can successfully identify and fix any faults at our asphalt service in Lawndale.

Our asphalt paving service can complete any and all of your paving requests. While we always enjoy assisting homeowners with driveways, private roads, and other residential projects, it is with commercial and industrial paving jobs that we genuinely shine. Sanchez Bros. Sanchez Bros. Paving should be your one and only call if you require Lawndale paving. When you request an estimate from us, we’ll send a skilled paving contractor to go over every detail of the job with you. We’ll get the job done the right way from day one, and we’ll pour our hearts into the work like we always do. Every aspect of your pavement service will be handled by our professionals, including:

Asphalt and asphalt overlay installation

Asphalt patching

Concrete and asphalt removal (and subsequent recycling)

Recycled rock base grading and installation

V-gutter, sidewalk, block wall, sidewalk, catch basin, and concrete planter curb installation

And more!

Seal Coating

Seal coating is an oil product that prolongs the life and protects asphalt, allowing for an enhanced appearance on the surface of the pavement. As time goes on, asphalt oxidizes and turns gray. In addition, it becomes more and more brittle over time, endures a great deal of rain and water runoff, and experiences constant wear and weathering. Most clients are shocked to find just how reasonably priced seal coating actually is, and it plays a crucial part in overall asphalt upkeep. Our asphalt company is ready to wow you by restoring the original aesthetic appeal of your parking lot and the property as a whole.

Seal coating is a great way to:

Restore the former black hue of your pavement

Seals asphalt to keep it beautiful and lengthen its life

Waterproof your pavement

Fill gaps in asphalt

Maximize the investment you’ve made in your asphalt

Prevent damage, weathering, wear, and oxidation

Helps striping stay fresh and crisp by helping the paint adhere

Reduce the amount of maintenance your pavement requires

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